Proficient Orthodontists in Richmond

Feeling a little confused about which Richmond orthodontist is best for your child? You are not alone; many parents know that it is vital that they choose their orthodontist carefully – they will be working with them for many years to straighten out a most important part of their child, their smile. It can be hard to choose in Richmond because there are several in the area and they all claim to be very good at what they do. To help you, we have compiled several tips for you.

•    Orthodontics requires special training; even if a dentist is fully trained they need to do 2 or 3 years in addition to ordinary dental school. Don’t be shy about asking upfront – all dentists are obligated to tell you whether they are trained in orthodontics or not.

•    Do you know anyone who has braces? If yes, you should ask them because they may be able to recommend their own dentist. You should find out if they like the care that they receive, how long they have had their braces and how much they are paying.

•    Your general dentist is an excellent source of information for orthodontists in Richmond. In fact, there are some dentist practices that have both dentists and orthodontists so you may not have to look very far.

•    Your insurance company may have a list of accredited orthodontists that they can recommend. That said, you may not be able to tell whether whoever they recommend has the necessary experience but it doesn’t hurt to get names and compare. You can look them up online for more information.

•    You can search directly on the internet and see which orthodontists are close to you. They need to be close because you will have many appointments with them (many years actually) and you don’t want to have to go across town each time.

•    How will you be paying your orthodontist? Many of them accept insurance but you should make sure that they accept your insurance company. There are some who are happy to take cash and cheques.

•    Prepare yourself adequately for your first visit. Talk to your child well in advance so that they can know what to expect. If they are scared assure them that there will be no pulling of teeth. You should take along their medical records, a referral if you have one, your contact information, insurance information and any other information that may be important.

To save you some time, we recommend that you choose Roseneath Dental Care as your orthodontist. They are the biggest and oldest dental practice in the area and they have helped hundreds of parents straighten out their children’s teeth. They also do orthodontics for adults.