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Medical Practice

Roseneath Medical Practice

Many Richmond residents don’t know that they have rights when it comes to being treated by their doctors; they will allow a doctor to rush through treatment and may not even ask questions regarding their treatment and care. You should not accept this. It is your right to be treated and cared for properly by your doctor. It is your right to have your questions answered and any confusing issues cleared up. Here are some things that you should expect from your Richmond doctor:

• He should understand where you are in terms of your health. If you are a smoker, for instance, your doctor has no right to order you o quit unless you are willing to do so and are prepared to take steps. He may warn you and discourage it but he should be prepared to treat you even if you are not ready to quit.

• It is your right for a doctor to value your time. All too often patients have to wait for hours for a doctor who is finishing a round of golf. So long as you made an appointment it is your right to be seen at the appointed time unless there is an emergency.

• You have a right to seek a second opinion. If your doctor says something that doesn’t sit well with you you don’t have to take his word for it. It is your right to have doubts about a doctor’s opinion and you are free to get another one.

• Your doctor’s job is to make decisions WITH you and not for you. Any good doctor will lay out the different treatment options, explain their pros and cons and then help the patient choose the best option.

• Your doctor should listen to you. Whether you are sharing your concerns or asking questions you have the right to be listened to without being rushed.

• Your doctor should be able to see the big picture, the one beyond what you are presenting to him. He should know about anything in your personal life that may be contributing to your ill health. All the information that you provide him is confidential and cannot be shared unless it is ordered by the courts.

One doctor’s surgery Richmond where physicians treat patient rights seriously is Roseneath Medical Practice. Each patient receives the care that they need without being rushed. The clinic offers many different services and is staffed by several highly experienced employees. You can find out more by visiting their website, You can learn about more about their private GP Richmond practice here.

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Here are the contact details:

Contact Info:
Name: Aleks Polomska
Organization: Roseneath Medical Practice
Address: Corner of Mount Ararat & Paradise Road, Richmond, Surrey, TW10 6PA
Phone: 020 3771 8962